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OMG, magic cone literally changed my life. Me and my husband have a mobile BBQ business and we travel between Texas, Louisiana and Florida and sometimes there are no public restrooms for miles and miles or they are so dirty. This product has saved me from all kinds of disease. Now, I feel free to pee anywhere I want. You never know, maybe men’s rooms too. This is the fun Part.

Tara , San Antonio

This is Erika from Vancouver. I have been suffering from back pain for years and I always had problems going to the restrooms, sitting and getting up. My friend Kim from Hawaii sent me a couple of magic cones. At first it was strange to use. But after I got used to it I couldn’t live without it. It’s so easy to use.

Erika , Vancouver Canada

I am very happy to find you and I am going to recommend your site to my best friends.

Alice , Sydney, Australia

Awesome product, I am a nurse and I love it, Love it and Love it and I have been using Magic Cone for almost 8 months and I am going to recommending magic cones to my Families, Friend’s and my patient with all kind of disabilities. I believe this product can make every woman’s life easier. Thank you magic cone and you can use this on your site.

Robin , San Francisco

I am a 27 years old female going to Tulane University and I study Business law. I like to share my experience. Here in New Orleans we love to party and you know how that works after couple of drinks then Go means Go. Magic Cone you are awesome.I tried Magic cone. It works likes a charm. My Goodness, I can’t see myself going out without it any more. It’s a very easy concept but very smart design. I wish I could meet the person who invented this.

Kim S. , New Orleans, LA & Philippine

My boy friend and I travel a lot and we found magic cone on- line. I compared magic cone with other brands and we found your product works the best.What I like about Magic cones is that after I open the cones they lock up and fit perfectly against my body and stay’s open until I am completely finished .No mess or splash.

Sara P. , Birmingham, England

I like Magic Cone because every time I go hiking or skiing, I don’t have to wait until I go down the hill. Now I pee freely in the mountain without hiding or taking my clothes off. Magic cone, why didn’t you come up with this idea years ago? Girls you must try it.

Leonie , Zurich, Switzerland

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