Who can use Magic Cone?

Women from all walks of life can benefit from the Magic Cone. The people listed below can specially benefit from using Magic Cone.

Walkers In the car Women in the Armed Forces
Campers Festival and concert goers  Policewomen 
Skiers Dog walkers Emergency service workers 
Golfers  Long-distance truck drivers Women hospital inpatients
Cyclists  Scuba divers  Women wheelchair users 
Canoeists Backpackers Disabled and mobility impaired women 
Mountaineers  Holiday makers  Women with continence concerns
Horsewomen Landscape architects Pregnant women & Elderly women
Gliders Anglers and fly-fisher women  Women recovering from surgery
Pilot Joggers, runners and athletes Women confined to bed 
Bird watchers Windsurfers Women giving urine samples
Climbers   Yachtswomen Injured women

Why Magic Cone?

We all know that it is highly inconvenient and unhygienic to sit on unsanitary public toilets which many of us are forced to during travel, shopping or a night out on the town.

Active women who enjoy outdoor activities are always faced with the problem of lack of toilet facilities. Not to mention the difficulty of having to squat down or take your pants off.

Women who are pregnant or have difficulty sitting down on a toilet seat, have experienced the agony of having to relieve themselves sitting down. Magic Cone is here to help all women. Anywhere, Anytime.

Magic Cone has the following advantages to similar products:

It is light weight and flat. when not in use it can fit easily in any woman’s purse or backpack. It is as much of a handbag essential as a mobile phone.

It is disposable and biodegradable, When in use ,it snaps open to form a semi-rigid waterproof cone that fits every woman regardless of her body shape without any fear of leakage. which makes it environmentally friendly and easy to get rid of after use. 

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